The Grand Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Ghariani, on Saturday cast his vote in the municipal council elections of Tajoura and urged residents to get out and vote and not to underestimate the importance of their voice.

Accompanied by his family, Sheikh Al-Ghariani voted at a polling location in his hometown of Tajoura east of Tripoli and emphasized "it is important for people to exercise their electoral right and choose who they think is best for their city.

"Whoever refrains from participating in the elections and chooses to sit at his home has legal responsibility, Sheikh Al-Ghariani stressed, considering such an act as a failure of the homeland.

Sheikh Al-Sadiq expressed his fear of a coup against these elections, as happened in the past, and replacing the elected persons with a military governor.

"The international community did not condemn the coup of the criminal Haftar and is now talking about power-sharing," Sheikh Al-Sadiq said, stressing that the actions of the international community indicate a lack of credibility and makes it hard for people to trust them.

The mufti accused the international community of supporting the coup while claiming it is seeking reconciliation. "It is selling weapons to the UAE to kill the people of Libya and Yemen," he added.