Libya’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Gharyani hailed on Wednesday the approval of Sharia-based laws by the General National Congress saying it's the greatest achievement on the ground since the 17 February revolution.

Speaking on Tanasuh TV, the mufti reaffirmed that the youth who are calling for implementation of Islamic Sharia laws have no more excuses after the GNC connected all the governing laws to the Sharia ones and left none contrary to them.

The GNC voted earlier this week on modifying some of the civil law articles and make them congruent with the Sharia law as proposed by the committee set up by the GNC for rephrasing the laws according to Islamic Sharia.

Meanwhile, the mufti urged the Libyans to keep on demonstrating on Fridays.

"It's a duty to keep on demonstrating. It's the only frontline that cannot be broken into and penetrated by anyone.” Indicated Sheikh Al-Gharyani.