The High Council of State (HCS) has urged for taking legal action against the countries supporting Khalifa Haftar's war on legitimacy, especially the UAE and for documenting their crimes at the local and international judicial organizations.

In a statement on Monday, the HCS called on the government to support the military efforts of the Libyan Army and to defeat the attackers, urging it to hold to account those who are not doing their "national duties".

The HCS welcomed all initiatives that call for defending Tripoli against the offensive and ending the crisis as well as call for a shared national vision that establishes a constitution and the rule of law.

"A committee for injured persons' affairs should be formed and they should be provided with the necessary care and treatment. All measures are to be taken to avoid any corruption in this committee." The HCS indicated.

It said the Central Bank of Libya should take action to prevent the circulation of the "counterfeit money to protect the economy of the country".

Malta seized in September containers laden with Libyan currency printed in Russia heading to Haftar-controlled eastern Libya.