The House of Representatives (HoR) adjourned on Tuesday the voting session on the draft law of the constitution referendum to two weeks later.

Tuesday's session was all about breaking down article 8 of the draft law, with the majority of the members favoring its removal saying "keeping it needs a constitutional amendment."

"We need to investigate and find out who devised this article and integrated it into the draft law, which did not use to have this article at first." Other members said.

Article No.8

(If the Libyan people rejected the constitution, the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) would be no longer responsible for amending it; rather the HoR would form a committee to draft a new constitution for referendum in three months.)

Rejectionists V.S. Majority

Several members in the HoR, who reject the constitution draft, want the article to remain in place so they can have a chance to end the work of the CDA.

Whereas, those in favor of the current constitution draft insist the article must be removed and those who devised must be probed.

Recurrent Lack of Quorum

On Tuesday's session, the HoR did not manage to have the full quorum as usual since the voting should be carried with 130 members resent, while only about 93 were attending.

Speaker Aqilah Saleh purposed to have the Consultative Commission devise mechanism for the voting and the quorum needed to do it. sources reported, adding that the members agreed with him.