The Libyan Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fathi Bashagha has vowed to take all; needed measures to make the efforts of avoiding bloodshed and making peace in Libya successful. 

Bashagha said on Twitter, after the start of Libyan talks in Cairo under the auspices of the UN, that the Ministry of Interior will work with all capabilities to help peace and stability solutions in Libya.

The Interior Minister hailed the role of the UNSMIL and the efforts of the acting envoy Stephanie Williams in bringing together all Libyan rivals to end the political crisis.

"The positive conduct of the neighboring countries and the countries sponsoring peace talks in Libya have had a tangible impact on helping push peace and political settlement forward." Bashagha added.

He hoped that these efforts would lead to ending the military adventure and starting a political settlement that brings about security and stability.

The UN-led constitutional talks were kicked off in Cairo on Sunday in the presence of delegations of the House of Representatives and High Council of State.