The working group formed by the Ministry of Justice to communicate with the Tunisian side on legal cooperation and extradition met on Tuesday at the Ministry's HQ to discuss issues pending with the Tunisian government in this regard.

The working group reviewed the problems encountered by Libyan travelers when entering the Tunisian territory, including the similarity of names and the need to cooperate with the Tunisian consulate on this issue.

They also requested providing the work team with a list containing the names of those arrested and convicted of Tunisian nationality throughout the Libyan territory and to issue information cards for all foreign prisoners in Libya.

The meeting further discussed facilitating measures for handing over bodies belonging to Tunisian nationalities in Libya and returning them to their country.

In turn, the issue of Libyan prisoners abroad was also on the table, as the ministry's team reviewed the progress made regarding providing lists and information about Libyan prisoners abroad through the Consular Affairs Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.