The Libyan Mufti, Al-Saddiq Al-Gharyani, has denounced the messy conditions inside Libyan prisons, asking questions of the role of Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and other officials regarding the injustice against inmates at Deterrence force (Rada) and other entities' jails without taking them to trial.

Sheikh Al-Gharyani added on Tanasuh TV on Wednesday that inmates are being mistreated and some of them have gone on hunger strike to end the humiliating life in prison, reminding all officials of Gaddafi's fate, and saying the latter's fortunes and powerful tyranny was no savior for him.

The Libyan Mufti warned those responsible for the Rada apparatus of their responsibility for prisoners "in front of Allah." He also called on the Prime Minister and Attorney General to take serious steps to handle the prisoners' situation.

"They released former regime's officials who are sentenced to death but they wouldn't free the imprisoned revolutionary fighters. Libyans should take to streets and end the injustice against those inmates." He added.

Libya's Mufti also said the report of the Audit Bureau is published every year and asked about following up on arresting the corrupt. He reiterated that Fatwa House is rationalizing spending which the Prime Minister's council hasn't reached, explaining that the Fatwa House is applying the law in all of its work so that there can be no way for corruption.