The Libyan Mufti, Al-Saddiq Al-Gharyani, has accused Egypt of conspiring against Libya and of intervening in Libyan internal affairs.

"Egypt is plotting against Libya and the unification of the Libyan army cannot be at the hands of Egypt as all what it is doing is a flagrant intervention in Libya's domestic affairs." Sheikh Al-Gharyani said Wednesday on Tanasuh TV.

He said that all those who call for uniting the military institution via the coup plotters are helping the coup in one way or another.

"We thank the military officers of the western region for their stance as they stressed that Haftar is illegitimate and call on all Libyan officers to oppose Egypt's agenda." The Mufti remarked.

He also said the wrongdoings in Libya such as kidnapping people and putting them in Mitiga prison and other jails will add to the instability and incite retaliatory acts.

"If people want to end conflicts and war, they should demonstrate in huge numbers and say no to wrong, crimes, and arbitrary detentions. It is a must that Libyans call for their rights so Libya can be stable." The Mufti further explained.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Mufti slammed UAE and Saudi Arabia's policies in Libya earlier in an article, pointing out that they are backing up Haftar with "dirty money" saying their schemes can divide the country.