The Libyan Mufti, Sheikh Al-Siddiq Al-Gharyani, has called for paying more attention to military frontlines, especially Sirte, warning that Khalifa Haftar is building up a military offensive that he could commence any moment, disregardful of the ceasefire agreement.

Speaking on Tanasuh TV channel in Libya, the Mufti said Wednesday that Haftar's forces had been mobilizing forces, bringing modern aircraft, money, weapons and mercenaries, adding that arms shipments aircraft had been arriving from Russia on a daily basis in his support.

"We shouldn't stick to saying we want peace and ceasefire and sit idly by doing nothing. We should show that we're strong and have military capabilities because if frontlines are neglected, the enemy won't accept a ceasefire and we have come to know that by experience." The Mufti explained.

He also wondered why the Government of National Accord and its ministries aren't responding to Haftar's military build-up, urging them to work on responding to the enemy's military moves instead of succumbing to the will and orders of international community.

"This political stupidity as the men on frontlines would be sold out if anything happens to violate the fragile ceasefire as the government isn't strong enough to prevail peace across the country." The Mufti added, saying the enemy knows the UN and international community's calls are worthless and that is why he isn't abiding by them.

"Haftar has been committing crimes and violations for six years and no party of the international community has ever moved to take action against him." The Mufti remarked.