The Libyan Mufti, Al-Saddiq Al-Gharyani, has discussed with the Head of the High Council of State (HCS) Khalid Al-Mishri the latest political developments and the Mufti’s statement about the need to end the mandate of the HCS and the House of Representatives (HoR).

Mufti Al-Gharyani said, in the meeting on Thursday, that the persons who are heads of governments aren't under scrutiny now but what is really needed at this stage is parliamentary elections as soon as possible, reiterating that the endeavor to install a new government will prolong the crisis while the current Dbeibah government has expressed readiness to hold parliamentary elections in the coming months.

The Libyan Mufti said the HoR and HCS have already used all of its mandate limits over the years and the current extension of mandates is a way to prolong the crisis, reminding the HCS of its responsibilities to “end wrongdoing in prisons, activate judicial roles and constitutional circle”, and saying that a state without a just judicial system is doomed to fail.

In the meantime, Al-Mishri told the Mufti that the HCS was working to achieve national reconciliation for which the Libyan people aspire.