Libya's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani, said on Tanasuh TV Monday that the conflict parties in Libya are the dissolved parliament and the General National Congress and that all other parties involved later in the dialogue are there to trouble the negotiations, knowing that those parties belong to either the GNC or the dissolved parliament.

Mufti Al-Gharyani pointed out that the GNC wanted to save the country under the umbrella of legitimacy and spare Libyans any kind of disagreements. However, the signing of the draft by the dissolved parliament members from Tobruk and those boycotting ones is just a protocol signing as if the HoR is signing an agreement with itself, which would not solve the conflict.

He added that the signing of those parties is not legal because it is a signing of an unknown thing for the draft includes attachments of vague content, pointing that this is totally rejected by Sharia law not by politics because the signing does not come from any Sharia basis. Thus referring to the UN mediations, which were a big failure such as those in Bosnia that allowed the Serbs to kill thousands of Muslims, while the UN did not blink an eye.

The Mufti referred to the leaks that showed notorious role for the UNSMIL’s head, Bernardino Leon, in compromising issues in Egypt and other countries, because of which some parties are disputing in courts, and some others are jailed.