The UNSMIL’s amended agreement draft is expected to be issued later on Sunday, the advisor of GNC dialogue team, Mahmoud Al-Ftaisi, said .

Speaking to the the press Saturday from Skhirat, Morocco, Al-Ftaisi indicated that the UNSMIL had reformed the fourth draft and will issue a new one taking into account all of the amendments proposed by the two dialogue parties on Friday.

The UNSMIL, meanwhile, said that the two parties have reached the final stage in discussions and that the UNSMIL considers this dialogue the only way out of Libya’s crisis, which can bring back stability and security to the country and establish solid grounds for a government able to fight terrorism given a helping hand from the international community.

Last night, the dialogue parties have met face to face for the first time as they shared the Ramadan breakfast table in presence of Ambassadors from Britain, Germany, Spain, China, and the UNSMIL, which its Head, Bernardino Leon, hailed this all-in-one meeting and urged Libyans to quicken the pace to end the conflict in their country.

“We have this week ahead of us, so let’s make it count and let’s not wait for later because it’s now more possible than ever. The solution may sound difficult at a close look into it, but I am pretty sure that it is going to be the right one.” Leon said adding: “All should be flexible in the coming days and I am confident that we can possibly do it.”