The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) has said it won't reopen Libya's largest oilfield "Sharara" until it makes sure it is one hundred percent secure.

The statement of the NOC came to respond to the Chief of the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) of Khalifa Haftar's forces Naji Al-Maghrabi, who asked the NOC to resume work at Sharara field.

“NOC has sent an inspection team to assess security at Sharara and to verify that all armed militia have left the field prior to force majeure being lifted,” NOC told Reuters by a text message.

The NOC indicated that imposing a no-fly zone by the eastern self-styled army means that it could take some days, adding that the zone indicated a “serious continuing threat level.”

The Chief of the PFG said Tuesday that his guards had been appointed to secure Sharara oilfield, adding that the field was very secure and that the NOC should resume work and lift force majeure.

Haftar's forces announced their control of Sharara oilfield earlier and immediately called on the NOC to lift force majeure, but the NOC said the administration of the field did not confirm the field had been ready and fully secure, saying the no-fly zone imposed in the south would hinder resuming production.