The Chairman of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanallah has vowed to take legal action against the deputy leader of the Brigade 30 Infantry of Petroleum Facilities Guard, Ali Al-Hassini.

Sanallah said Al-Hassini is lying to people regarding the entrance of Fezzan rage Movement into Sharara oilfield, adding that when the NOC declared force majeure, he claimed the closure is linked to the delay of salary payments then lied again and said the closure is tied to the protesters of the Fezzan movement.

Fezzan Rage Movement protesters in southern Libya have closed Sharara oilfield - Libya's largest - with the help of the Brigade 30 members, demanding their requests be answered, citing a deliberate marginalization of the south by governments.

The NOC declared force majeure at Sharara oil field following the closure.

It demanded the armed groups closing the field to evacuate the oil field immediately and unconditionally, insisting it will not engage in any negotiations and that no concessions would be made, especially after the use of violence by insulting workers and stealing their phones.

Meanwhile, the UNSMIL called on the armed groups of the PFG to leave the oilfields without any preconditions.

"The forced shutdown of the Sharara Oil field by armed elements claiming attachment to the local Petroleum Facilities Guard, if sustained, will result in a production loss of 388,000 barrels a day, amounting to $32.5 million dollars." The UNSMIL said on Monday.

The mission said it recognizes that the residents of the south have legitimate grievances and that urgent issues of delivery of services must be addressed, but said such acts of violence and lawlessness exacerbate the already deficient provision of services in the south, further depriving its residents.