The Presidential Council (PC) rejected in a statement Sunday using "war on terrorism" as a pretext to gain political benefits, implying the military operation of Khalifa Haftar's forces in southern Libya.

The PC said it had urged for military and security coordination to fight terrorism and organized crime in the southern region and all across Libya, indicating that using war as a means to political ends is totally rejected.

"We reject individual military actions and we call on those who launch military operations to take into consideration the region's social fabric." The PC said.

It added that Libya is now in need for comprehensive national reconciliation amid the current negative foreign interventions.

"We also congratulate all Libyans on the eighth anniversary of February 17 revolution." The statement reads, urging Libyans to work toward a constitution that exacts law and order in the country.

It further added that it supports the holding of the National Conference for all Libyan parties in order to break the political deadlock and then reach a constitution and democratic elections.