The Libyan Presidential Council condemned in the strongest terms the airstrike on the Military College in Hadba in Tripoli, where 30 cadets were killed and over 33 others were injured, announcing three mourning days and calling on the international community to interfere to halt such crimes after nine months of fighting.

In a statement on Sunday, the Presidential Council said the airstrike was part of a series of assaults by foreign warplanes that also hit Mitiga and Misrata airports among many government and private properties and institutions, leading to hundreds of casualties and forcing thousands into displacement.

"The attackers aim to destabilize Tripoli in order to seize power via such repeated terrorist attacks disregarding the safety of civilians." The statement reads, adding that the response will be very hurtful in the battlefield against the perpetrators and the countries supporting them.

Meanwhile, the High Council of State (HCS) said the airstrike on the Military College was a terrorist act similar to ISIS crime against the Police Training Center in Zliten in January 2016, declaring mourning for the victims.

Meanwhile, the UNSMIL condemned the attack and said the growing escalation of military operations will complicate the situation in Libya and threaten chances of resuming the political process.

"Constant random airstrikes and shelling on civilians and civilian infrastructure like schools and hospitals could amount to war crimes the perpetrators won't escape punishment sooner or later." UNSMIL said.

The Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha also called the airstrike a criminal act and a crime against humanity, saying it amounts to a war crime.