Libya's Presidential Council demands Haftar be listed for UN sanctions

Libya's Presidential Council demands Haftar be listed for UN sanctions

October 07, 2019 - 20:10
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan Presidential Council has condemned airstrikes on the Equestrian Club in Janzour, western Tripoli, that injured a number of children, calling for sending a fact-finding mission to document the violations and list Khalifa Haftar for UN Security Council sanctions.

In a statement on Sunday, the Presidential Council condemned the systematic attacks on Mitiga and Misrata civilian airports, saying such attacks are attempts to shut down the only operational airport for western region's residents, including patients, and injured fighters.

"These escalations and expansions of attacks' area reflect the desperation of Haftar's forces after their offensive against Tripoli has failed. The attacking militias are violating all international laws and conventions and jeopardizing people's lives, so the international community should act urgently." The statement reads.

The Presidential Council also said that the attacking forces under Haftar's command have taken their violations a step further as they attacked Sirte Protection Force of the Anti-ISIS Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous Operation, which freed Sirte from the terrorists, adding that such attacks only mean that Haftar's forces are trying to enable ISIS to move around freely and cause chaos.

"The Libyan Army forces will continue fighting until the attacking forces are defeated and will continue to fight terrorism everywhere in the country." The statement explains.