Libya's Presidential Council Head says was surprised by Tripoli clashes

Libya's Presidential Council Head says was surprised by Tripoli clashes

August 30, 2018 - 22:21
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj said in a televised statement on Thursday that he was taken by surprise by the clashes of southern Tripoli, saying the fighting left innocent deaths among the military units and horrified civilians.

"Civilians must remain outside the circle of the violence which will only end to more destruction and deaths among innocent civilians. The perpetrators will be brought to justice." Al-Sirraj said.

He added that they had contacted some parties to contain the clashes but "some insisted on sending more youths to the battlefield," adding that the elders are an asset here to make the youths listen to reason.

"Air force of the Presidential Council has not carried out any airstrikes on any city. Its operations are limited to Tripoli." Al-Sirraj remarked.

He denied that there is any unit under the name of the seventh brigade under his government's command, adding that that entity was disbanded in last April.

"We reject any military acts under whatever cause there is. Not freeform, not cleansing or any other issue." Al-Sirraj explained.

He said all parties must give concessions for the country's best interest and lose the winner-or-loser mindset as it would only lead to the collapse of the state of Libya.

"The central and western military zones will be appointed to oversee the ceasefire in Tripoli and the return of the forces to their locations as allocated by the government. We hope that all commit to this order which will avoid the city and the country any more chaos." Al-Sirraj added.

He told the House of Representatives and the High Council of State that they should do their bit of the job in uniting state institutions and enacting the needing legislations as well as founding a constitutional basis for the upcoming elections as soon as possible.

"Elections is a popular demand and we all will be calling and pushing for it so that all bodies on the scene now can be terminated. Stop manipulation and prolonging the crisis for power aims." Al-Sirraj concluded.