The media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said Red Crescent volunteers from Tripoli, Misrata, Tarhouna, and Al-Khums managed to recover Monday morning six bodies trapped in Essidra in south Tripoli then sent them to Tripoli University Hospital.

The office said on Facebook that the bodies were for a pregnant woman, 14-year-old girl, and four males, all bearing gunshots' marks, adding that they were on roads for 17 days as Khalifa Haftar's forces prevented rescue volunteers from reaching them.

The Anti-terrorism Force and Special Deterrence Force provided security support for the Red Crescent to recover the bodies in areas under Haftar forces' control.

The bodies are for residents in Essidra area in south Tripoli. They were trying to leave their houses two weeks ago when they were shot at by Haftar's forces.

A source from the Libyan Army said they had tried to recover the bodies but couldn't for some time until they managed to reach some of them and get them out of the area with the last six bodies remaining in Haftar forces' shooting range.

Haftar's snipers shot the civilians as they were trying to reach their houses in clashes'' zones after the ceasefire was announced on January 12.