Khalifa Haftar's warplanes have continued airstrikes on Sirte for the second consecutive day after Friday air-raids.

The airstrikes killed two fighters from the Sirte Protection Force (SPF) as both civilian and military locations were targeted, according to statements by the SPF.

"Both human and material losses were caused by the airstrikes that hit Man-Made River investment apparatus building, Lafaa road in Zaafran in western Sirte near the prison, Abu Zahiya checkpoint, Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous camp in Wadi Jaref, Sirte Fodder Complex, and Abu Hadi I'm southern Sirte." SPF said Saturday.

It added that 13 missiles were fired on different locations in Sirte, adding that many people were injured due to the strikes, especially those targeting Man-Made River apparatus, Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous camp and Abu Zahiya checkpoint.

The director of the Fodder Complex in Sirte said the building was hit with three drone missiles, saying the complex has suffered material damage only.