The Libyan Supreme Judicial Council altered Thursday a decision about appeals' regulations and tasks of election appeals' committees after less than 48 hours following the first amendment it made.

The new alteration says appeals against candidates can only be filed within the area of the person who is the subject of appeal, thus scrapping the previous decision that said the appeals can be made also within the area of the person filing the appeal.

Observers say the new alteration only benefits Khalifa Haftar whom people cannot appeal except in Benghazi, which is next to impossible because no lawyer can file an appeal against Haftar for war crimes or dual citizen or even a person under interrogation in the city that is under his control.

They also believe that there's now manipulation of laws in a way to suit Haftar, who cannot be appealed now, despite violating at least two articles of the election law, due to this new decision.

Fawasel news agency reported a source form Tripoli appeals court as saying that 20 appeals against presidential candidates were filed on Thursday, 14 of which were for those who were disqualified from the list of candidates by the High National Elections Commission, and six others against candidates on the qualified list: two of which were against Prime Minister and candidate Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah.