Several House of Representatives' members in Tobruk, eastern Libya who are loyal to Khalifa Haftar, voted Monday for the labelling of Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

About 20 HoR members - who back up Haftar's war on Tripoli - held a session on Monday in order to discuss the convening of sessions by over 50 members in Tripoli.

According to analysts, the labelling of Muslim Brotherhood Group as terrorist is just a way to get under the wings of the US administration that is currently mulling labelling the group as terrorist on its own list, knowing that the HoR in Tobruk voted for the same label after the Gulf crisis to get the blessings of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The HoR spokesmen Abdullah Blihiq said the sessions are legal only if they are held in Benghazi or Tobruk, referring to the holding of HoR sessions for members rejecting Haftar's war on Tripoli in the capital.

He added that the HoR decided to form a committee to supervise the distribution of oil resources in coordination with the UN, saying the Presidential Council is using the oil money to pay militias.

Blihiq accused the Presidential Council of squandering public funds and spending over 2.4 billion dinars on armed militias in Tripoli, calling on the Attorney General and the UN to assume their responsibilities regarding such matters.

"We call on the UN to stop supporting the Presidential Council and we have formed a committee to communicate with the international community to clarify things and the reality behind the Tripoli military operations." The HoR said.

Over 50 HoR members have been convening sessions in Tripoli for "correcting the HoR's policies and returning it to its own duties."