A source from the western military zone said their forces under the command of Osama Juwaili had seized control of Al- Watiya Airbase after a deal with Zintani community to get out of it.

The sources, who preferred to remain unnamed, said the Dignity Operation-loyal forces which were in the airbase were allowed to leave peacefully after the agreement, with some of the forces leaving toward Sabratha.

The news was confirmed by a senior leader at the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade Atif Bergig, who posted on his facebook page that the forces inside the airbase now are under Juwaili's command.

Sources spoke recently of a dispute among the forces inside the airbase as some of them were from Zintan and others are from a number of cities in western Libya and are loyal to Khalifa Haftar, which started leaving toward Sabratha until Tuesday's down before the western military zone's forces had entered.

Many meetings in Zintan resulted over the last period in the conviction of keeping their city away from any war alongside forces under the command of Haftar, refusing as well using Al- Watiya airbase for such purposes.

Sabratha, where the Haftar-loyal forces in the airbase headed, is under the control of forces loyal to Haftar and others from the Salafist sect, which are also loyal to Haftar, with many sources saying it could be the next target for western Libya forces.