Zintan's elders and 17 February Gathering members announced full support for the Libyan army forces under the command of the Presidential Council and all the backup forces fighting to defend Tripoli and February revolution principles - including the Volcano of Rage Operation.

In a statement on Sunday, Zintanis said the "aggression on Tripoli" aims to bring Libyans back under the reign of dictatorship, rejecting the totalitarian and military rule and voicing support for unity and the constants of February 17 revolution.

"We have sacrificed our sons and daughters in order to have a civilian state where power can be circulated peacefully among all Libyans." The statement reads.

They also reiterated their commitment to the agreements signed with all western cities and districts in Libya, calling on east-based residents to mandate elders and dignitaries to sit for dialogue with their fellow citizens in west and southern Libya.

"Despite the Tripoli offensive and the threat to the revolution principles, we are still committed to avoiding bloodshed and striking a nationwide reconciliation on the condition that the attacking forces return to their previous positions." Zintanis said.

They also called on House of Representatives' members in Tobruk to join their colleagues in Tripoli, warning against divisions on all levels at this decisive point of Libya's future.