The Libyan National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) has denounced the identity-based abduction and forced disappearance acts committed by armed groups from Wirshiffana district, who aim at extorting citizens from Al-Zawiya city.

The commission said in a statement that its investigation, documentation and fact finding bureau had earlier received a report about armed groups from Al-Sayad and Al-Mamoura, who control the coastal road from Al-Sayad to Al-Mamoura in western Tripoli, arresting 13 Libyans from Al-Zawiya based on identity on October 04.

“All conflicting parties should not resort to forced disappearance as a war tool or strategy.” Added the statement, reiterating that such acts along with the abduction depend on taking civilian hostages, which is considered a war crime.

“We regard these abduction and forced disappearance acts as immoral, inhuman and criminal acts; therefore, we urge those armed groups to keep the abducted safe and sound and set them free immediately and unconditionally.” It said.

The commission also called on local authorities from Al-Aziziya and Wirshiffana tribes to interfere and release the kidnapped, and to put an end to these criminal acts, which may lead to destabilizing the security status between Al-Zawiya and Wirshiffana.