Fursan Janzour Brigade said, after Saturday's meeting in the district, an agreement was reached to reopen the coastal road from Bridge 17, western Tripoli as well as to remove the sand barriers on the road.

The meeting was attended by several Central Tripoli mayors, and Libyan elders and notables headed by Tarhouna elders.

The attendees then, with the Minister of Local Governing, went to negotiate the reopening with another group that is blocking the road with sand barriers in Sayad area.

The group later agreed to reopen the coastal road from its side in Sayad.

Thus, the coastal road has been reopened from Tripoli to Al-Zawiya by this new agreement after local efforts from Al-Zawiya and Wirshiffana had succeeded in reopening the road partially in the last few days from Al-Zawiya to Sayad, although it was left blocked from Janzour to Sayad.

"The coastal road has been reopened by Janzour municipality and security apparatuses." Fursan Janzour Brigade said, adding that it bears no security responsibility after 17-18 kilometers.

It also confirmed that there are no checkpoints or security patrols on the road after the western Tripoli power plant.

"The only official checkpoint we have set up is going to be positioned under Bridge 17 and will be in there for 24 hours." The brigade indicated.

"We warn people of going further ahead of the checkpoint under Bridge 17 as the road wouldn't b fully secure"