The UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, extended Libyan Political Dialogue Forum's (LPDF) meetings for one more day to carry out talks on the constitutional basis, for which a new committee was formed.

Kubis said in a speech to the LPDF members on their day 4 meeting that they had agreed on forming a negotiations committee (one representative for every five members) to break the impasse.

Kubis also said reaching a consensus on the constitutional basis for December elections isn't a choice, telling the LPDF not to be part of the institutions that had failed to implement the roadmap, and added that UNSMIL was waiting for their decisions on forming the committee that would meet for three hours and resolve the entanglements and controversial issues, especially the constitutional basis.

"The status quo is unstable and the possibility of a new conflict is very likely. The international community doesn't see another way for unity and stability in Libya but through elections next December." Kubis added.

Wednesday meeting continued discussing the constitutional basis after it was delayed over COVID-19 infections among members. As per the UNSMIL and LPDF roadmap, the members must agree and approve a basis for elections by July 01.

The meetings in Geneva saw many points of disagreement, especially conditions for presidential candidates, assurances for accepting results of elections and the need to hold elections on time.