A war on alleged terror in the eastern city of Ajdabia has been already scheduled for December 15.

The city's top tribal leader Saleh Latwish met last week with a number of the city's pro-Dignity Operation groups and agreed to launch a Benghazi-like military operation against what they call Khwarij and remnants of Muslim Brotherhood and IFG.

Similar to Benghazi scenario, Sahawat or "Awakening" have been invited to join the fighting.

Dignity Operation has already intensified its airstrikes in the city in preparation for bloody day.

Mahmoud Jibril, chairman of National Alliance Forces, hurled himself into the operation and offered his logistic support and expertise in a leaked phone call.

The alleged telephone conversation between Jibril's personnel aide Noureddin Abu Shaiha and Ajdabia's top tribal leader Saleh Latwish discussed how to conduct the December 15 fighting and the type of support that can be provided.

Abu Shaiha, speaking from Egypt, hailed the intention of Ajdabia armed group to ignite the fighting.

"It was a courageous and good decision," he told Latwish.

Abu Shaiha invited Latwish to come to Egypt to meet with Mahmoud Jibril and Mohammed Dahlan, an exiled Palestinian politician and top advisor to the UAE rulers.

"If you are planning to travel outside Libya, we want you to come to Egypt for a week. Mr. Mahmoud Jibril and Mr. Mohammed Dahlan want to see you." Abu Shaiha asks.

"Send my greetings to them. Inshallah I am planning to visit Egypt in the coming days. If I do so, I will call you." Latwish replies.

"Ok, we will prepare everything for you including your residence." Abu Shaiha offers.

Abu Shaiha expressed concerns about militiaman Ibrahim Jodran's reaction to December 15 fighting, urging Latwish to disown him. Jodran, who seizes oil ports in the oil crescent region, is well known for his rejection to renegade Gen. Khalifa Haftar and his Dignity Operation following the latter's attempt to assassinate him in September.

"I advise you, tribal protection for Ibrahim must be lifted." Abu Shaiha says.

 Abu Shaiha also told Latwish that secrete cells in the form of civil societies are working inside the city to inflame the public.

"We are working on civil society institutions. We have people doing great work to inflame the public and give tribal legitimacy to our brigades." He says.

Abu Shaiha also asked Latwish to get in touch with some commanders, and offered full support to him.

"If you need any military, financial, or logistic support, just call me." Abu Shaiha offers.