Members of the GNC and Tobruk Parliament stressed in Malta the need to accelerate the formation of a national unity government representing all Libyans to achieve the objectives of the 17th February revolution and lead the country during the remaining transitional period.

In a communiqué following the joint meeting between both parliaments' presidents on Tuesday, they also emphasized the need to combat terrorism in all its forms and stop the expansion of extremist organizations, in addition to eliminating them.

The communiqué pointed out that Malta meeting took place within the framework of the dialogue process supervised by the UN mission, and do not constitute any deviation from the UN track, but it is to correct some outcomes.

The two sides agreed to set up joint working groups to finish the dialogue so that it would be accomplished before the end of this month.

They also called on the Libyan people to get around this national consensus and support it in order to achieve stability, security and safety, stressing that the consensus that stem from the will of the Libyan people would solve the existing problems, build the state, and implement the accord in the most convenient ways.