The Maltese Energy Minister Miriam Dalli told The Malta Independent that the feasibility of a renewable energy interconnector between Malta and Libya was being analysed after a memorandum of understanding had been signed between the two countries.

Asked in an interview for details about the MoU – which was signed last June – between the two countries, Dalli said that work was underway to determine whether such a project was feasible.

"We want to investigate the possibility of interconnections with the countries around us, particularly those in North Africa.  We signed this MoU with Libya, where there is a huge expanse of land and a huge resource of sun, so there is potential to produce renewable energy… a lot more so than the potential in our country because our land is what it is." Dalli said.

She added that their aim was to discuss with Libya having these solar panels over there, and then transferring the green energy produced to Malta and possibly exporting it beyond their shores.

The Government of National Unity signed with Malta, during a visit by its Prime Minister to Tripoli last June, a memorandum of understanding on joint cooperation in the field of electrical interconnection between the two countries.