The Maltese authorities have brought terrorism charges against the two Libyan nationals who hijacked the Afriqiyah Airways (Airbus A320), Malta Today reported Sunday.

Malta Today reported sources as saying that the two hijackers refused to cooperate with the police in the interrogations and declined to answer any questions, adding that they are now under a maximum-security watch in a police station in Floriana.

The two Libyans were charged with violence against civilians and jeopardizing the safety of the passengers onboard the plane besides possessing weapons on a civilian airplane.

The Airbus A320 was hijacked on Friday when it was en route from Sabha to Mitiga Airport in Tripoli with 111 passengers and 7 crewmembers, as the two hijackers forced the pilot to head toward Malta or they would blow the plane up.

While the motive behind the hijacking has not yet been disclosed, one of the hijackers said he wanted to ask for political asylum in Malta and to publicize the New Fateh Party, which is founded by him and his accomplice.

The two Libyan nationals were seen waving a green flag when they showed up out of the plane in Malta on Friday after they freed the passengers and surrendered.