The spokesman for the Man-Made River Salah Al-Saadi said they had cut water supply at the main source and it would eventually halt supplies to Tripoli starting Saturday.

Al-Saadi told reporters this step was made out of necessity to avoid confrontation with the threatening groups related to the imprisoned Gaddafi-era official Abdullah Al-Senussi, knowing that they had vowed to explode the main source of water supply.

He said state authorities are responsible for securing the Man-Made River, which was obliged to cut water supply to avoid damage if the threats were materialized, adding that if an explosion took place, water would be cut for three months.

The relatives of Gaddafi's henchman and brother-in-law Al-Senussi, threatened to cut water supply to Tripoli and coastal cities if Al-Senussi wasn't released from prison in 72 hours, citing reports of his bad health conditions and lack of medicines as he had been struggling with cancer for the past years.

Tripoli Court of Appeals sentenced Al-Senussi, along with other Gaddafi's henchmen, to death by a fire squad for cracking down February revolution in 2011 and other violence acts in 2015.