Tobruk Parliament has failed to meet for the third consecutive week. The reason is said to be lack of a quorum, but the real reason behind this has now been revealed. It's Martine Kobler, the head of UN Mission in Libya.

Parliament member Ibrahim Zagaid declared that Martine Kobler ordered the parliament not to meet until January 25.

"A close colleague informed me from Tunisia that Kobler had ordered them to meet only on January 25." He told Jordan-based Libya Channel Monday night.

"If this was confirmed and we couldn't meet until January 25, then it would be a catastrophe."He added.

Zagaid, an anti-Skhirat agreement member, explained that the spoilers of parliament meetings are those who attended and signed Skhirat agreement, saying most of them are now staying in Tunisia and Egypt.

"We urged them for several times to come to Tobruk and meet to discuss and vote on Skhirat agreement, but they didn't." He noted.

"We come on Mondays and Tuesdays for the parliament meeting, but we fail to reach the needed quorum because of them." He confirmed.

Zagaid accused Kobler of managing the parliament from abroad.

The UN Support Mission in Libya has refuted Zagaid's claims.