The UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler has declared that the Presidency Council, which was picked by the UN mission, is protected by militia groups.

In an interview published in Egypt's Ahram newspaper on Tuesday, Kobler said the political agreement, signed in Skhirat in December 2015, stresses that Tripoli should become a green zone and all militia groups should leave it.

"What had happened was quite the opposite; some militias have been mandated to guard the Presidency Council," he indicated.

"There are militias because the state has no power and there is no army," he added.

According to this, Nawasi Brigade, the Special Deterrence Force and a number of Misrata brigades including Halboos and Mahjoob, which all operate under the ministry of interior, are militias.

But when asked about the legitimacy of Khalifa Hafter's forces, he said: "The Libyan Army should operate under the Supreme Commander, which is the Presidency Council."

Speaking about Libya's current crises, Kobler said cash shortage, blackouts and lack of medical services are the main problems in Libya. He also claimed that Libyan children do not go to schools because of the current situations.

"This is totally baseless and untrue, children go to schools, and even the displaced children have joined schools in their temporary residence," a teacher told the Libya Observer.

Kobler is known for making bizarre statements and exaggerating the situations. Earlier this year, he claimed to a number of media outlets that Libyans had started to sell their "gold teeth" to buy food.