The Head of Information and Culture Authority in the eastern government of Abdullah Al-Thanni has denounced the intervention of UN Mission in Libya in the internal affairs of the country, days after the new envoy Martin Kobler kicked off his new efforts to solve the political crisis here.

Omer Al-Ghawari called in his official Facebook account on Sunday for mass protests against the UNSMIL and foreign countries, which he accused of intervening in Libya's affairs.

"I call the Libyan people to take to the streets and squares to reject and denounce the intervention of foreign countries and UN missions in Libya’s domestic affairs, violation of its sovereignty and to declare their absolute rejection of the foreign agents' government, their affiliates, and those striving hard for chairs and positions." He stated, pleading the Libyans to choose their government and their leadership on their own.

He also accused some Libyans, which he didn't name, of betrayal, saying the fall of Libya into the hands of colonialism would not have been happened without their betrayal.

He concluded his article by saying: "We said no to Tarek Mitri, no to Bernardino Leon, and now we say no to Martin Kobler, and also to those who may come after him."