A demonstration took place in Tripoli Martyrs Square Friday to express rejection of the Skhirat political agreement and its resultant UNSMIL-proposed government.

The demonstrators held anti-political agreement slogans calling the Skhirat government a trusteeship and a colonial government, urging for a real concord among Libyans away from international dictations, according to the demonstrators.

They also chanted words in defense of Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, Libya’s Mufti, denouncing the verbal abuse that was directed at him by pro-Skhirat agreement demonstrators, explaining that the Mufti is one of Libya’s icons and one of the symbols of 17 February revolution.

The demonstrators also held slogans denouncing Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and his statements about the possibility of occupying Libya or part of it to solve his country’s economic issues.