The President of the Shura Council of Mashashiya tribe, Al-Taher Dhao, and the elders of the tribe met with the Ambassador of the European Union in Libya Bettina Muscheidt on Thursday.

The Mashashiya tribe welcomed the efforts of the European Union on enhancing Libyan stability and the support of state institutions, putting before the European side an overview of the tribe and the circumstances it is going through.

On her side, Ambassador Muscheidt expressed her mission’s intention to assist the Mashashiya tribe through the EU's support programs to Libya. She also explained that the EU programs implemented in all Libyan regions should be tailored to the needs of the sectors, such as the health, education, and transportation sectors.

She pointed out that the EU is working with United Nations agencies to help activate the role of the EU Union in the implementing of several projects that contribute to solving many of the problems facing Libya at the present time, especially programs relating to institutions support.

Several important files were discussed; among them were the infrastructure in the devastated zones, needs of other areas, the combat of illegal immigration, confronting smugglers, and the fuel and gas crisis, in addition to the security file.

The Ambassador also promised to discuss Mashashiya's demands with the Presidential Council and the international organizations in order to provide the required assistance.