The masked person, who appeared in a video accompanying the two kidnapped Tunisian journalists in eastern Libya, has been identified.

Member of the executive office in Tunisian Journalists Syndicate, Yousif Al-Wislati, said he is certain that the masked person, who was accompanying the two journalists Sufian al-Shawarbi and Nadeer al-Qatari, is a senior field commander of Khalifa Hafter’s forces.

Speaking on Al-Hiwar Al-Tunisi channel Wednesday evening, Al-Wislati identified the masked person as Abu Buker Al-Ajnaf, from Zintan, which leaves no doubt that Hafter’s forces are deeply involved in kidnapping or even killing the two journalists.

Al-Wislati urged the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to call in Al-Ajnaf and interrogate him by Tunisian investigators, reaffirming that he (Al-Ajnaf) knows the reason why they disappeared and knows other names related to this case.

"The Foreign Ministry must conduct an investigation into the media blackout adopted by Tobruk government since the day the two Tunisian journalists have been abducted until the day their death news came out." He said.

On Wednesday, Abdullah Al-Thani's Tobruk government was first to announce that the two journalists have been killed by IS militants. The announcement casts doubts as IS groups usually rush to announce their killing acts on their web pages. Until now, there is no official confirmation from IS.

The two journalists were kidnapped last September in the eastern region of Ras Lanouf , which is under full control of pro-Tobruk government militiaman Ibrahim Jodran's militants. Later, Al-Thani's government claimed the two were taken hostages in Derna.