Mayors of 65 municipalities in Libya have expressed their rejection of the House of Representatives (HoR) decision to withdraw confidence from the Government of National Unity (GNU).

In a televised statement Tuesday, they said that "the absurd step" taken by the Speaker of Parliament and some deputies "supporting him" to withdraw confidence from the GNU lacks the constitutional and legal foundation.

"What happened is a clear contravention of the Constitutional Declaration and its amendments, the Political Agreement, and the UN-led road map agreed upon in Geneva."

They accused those who agreed to pass such "fraud and a forgery" decision -as described in the statement- of attempting to create chaos and derail the peace process from its track.

"We believe that this absurd step came under pressure from the personal interests of some MPs whose interests came into conflict with the successes achieved by the GNU during this short period without an adopted budget."

The mayors indicated that the HoR does not have the legal and political right to withdraw confidence unilaterally.

"The government was born with great political consensus through the UN-led Political Dialogue Forum and with broad popular legitimacy in all regions of Libya. It came to implement the road map and should not be distracted from its primary goal," the mayors added.