The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, has held a meeting with mayors of several municipalities of the western, southern and central regions to discuss the political situation in Libya.

The meeting focused on the political situation in the country, and the recent measures taken by the GNU, the most important of which was naming the new board of directors of the National Oil Corporation (NOC).

Dbeibah underscored that the appointment of a new NOC board was in order to rectify the legal position of the NOC, reopen oil instillations and resume gas supplies.

He clarified that the move was neither a result of a political deal nor coordinated with a specific country, as some political parties are trying to promote in order to confuse the scene that has seen a sort of stability in the past, as he put it.

The meeting was also devoted to discussing a number of service files, and the steps taken by the Ministry of Local Government, on the devolution of competencies and the activation of local administration.

In a statement following the meeting, the mayors voiced support for the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, rejecting any further transitional stages.

They also expressed satisfaction with the ‘unlimited support provided by the government’.

‘We support the government with which we are hand in hand, reject the allegations that fuel sedition, as we represent a tangible reality of unity and cohesion, and raise the slogans; No for wars, bloodshed, destruction, nor more transitional phases; Yes, for peace, construction and development’ the mayors added in their statement.