Identical sources confirmed that a meeting was held Tuesday night by military and security leaders from Tripoli, Misrata, Al-Zawiya and Zintan was successful in reaching a preliminary agreement to demobilize forces from contact-line positions in west Tripoli and to avoid engaging in clashes, allowing security patrol personnel to position in the area.

The meeting in April 7 Camp in Al-Sawani in southwest Tripoli was attended by leaders from the two sides of tensions: Government of National Unity (GNU) and Fathi Bashagha's government, including Bashagha's supporter, the ex-commander of Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) Operation Osama Juweili and GNU's supporters Abdelghani Al-Killi (Ghaniwa) and Abdelsalam Al-Zubi.

The sources said the meeting saw an agreement on reopening blocked roads and returning military vehicles to their positions ahead of holding a meeting for next week to follow up on the arrangements to avoid any war in Tripoli and western region at large.

The sources didn't touch upon the fate of Bashagha's government but the fact that the meeting resulted in disallowing clashes would deny Bashagha the chance to enter Tripoli, at least for now; observers say.

Tripoli has been seeing heavy mobilization of forces by military forces backing two rival political sides. The tensions could have escalated into a war but for the mediations that helped ease the situation leading to Tuesday meetings.