President Mohamed Menfi of the Presidential Council (PC) has called on the Libyan people to denounce division and work towards restoring unity in order to build a democratic state and end the transitional political stages.

Menfi's remarks came in conjunction with Libya's commemoration of the 108th anniversary of the Al-Qardabia Battle.

The clash that cost the lives of more than 400 Libyan fighters was the turning of a tide in Libya's struggle against the Italian colonizer.

"Today, Saturday marks the 108th anniversary of the Al-Qardabia battle, in which our fathers wrote epics of heroism and honor against the brutal Italian occupation," Menfi said.

He indicated that unity was a fundamental factor that made them win the battle.

"The banners of national jihad united the east, west, and south in defence of the homeland's soil."

He said the anniversary should prompt Libyans to unite and rebuild their democratic and civil state to end the transitional stages and renew the legitimacy of the institutions.

It may be worth noting that Al-Qardabia Battle took place in the coastal city of Sirte on April 29, 1915. It was known as the Battle of National Unity, as free fighters from all Libyan regions joined forces to confront the colonial troops that day.