Muhammad Menfi, Chairman of the Presidential Council (PC), has renewed his continued support for the UN envoy, Abdoulaye Bathily, appreciating his efforts to achieve Libyan-led parliamentary and presidential elections by the end of 2023.

Menfi pledged to implement the UN's road map, the Berlin outputs, and the recommendations and decisions of the Security Council.

To set the course for free and fair elections, he vowed to facilitate political neutrality, preserve Libya’s sovereignty, security, and oil stability, and push for unifying its sovereign and economic institutions.

He also reaffirmed his government's continued coordination with the international community, neighboring countries, and all Libyan political forces to complete the entitlements of the preliminary stage based on reconciliation and the unification of institutions.

On Saturday, Bathily held a press conference disclosing his vision for implementing elections in Libya, suggesting to form a high-level committee of Libyan parties for this purpose.

If the electoral laws are put in place in June, elections can be held at the end of this year, the UN envoy says, adding that in the remaining seven months, the two councils, the HoR and HCS, should agree on and finalize the electoral laws, as he urged the establishment of a peaceful environment for the elections.

He said the two Councils have a chance to regain their confidence by pushing their teams in the 6+6 joint committee to adhere to the new roadmap timeframe.