The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, discussed Monday with the Chairman of the Supreme Court, Mohammed Al-Hafi, ways out of the current political impasse and achieving stability as well as the status of statehood in Libya.

The two parties reiterated the need for supporting dialogue and consensus track of the House of Representatives and High Council of State to reach a constitutional basis that leads to parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible.

Menfi reiterated support for the independence of judiciary and its neutrality to political polarization as it is the haven for all parties.

Al-Hafi met last Wednesday with the deputy head of Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi before meeting with the Head of High Council of State (HCS) Khalid Al-Mishri who reaffirmed the independence of judiciary to conduct its tasks with integrity and transparency regarding authorities.

Earlier, activists circulated news about arrangements between Menfi and Al-Hafi for the former to announce freezing work of the HoR and HCS with a recommendation from the Supreme Court that will be tasked with forming a temporary government that supervises holding elections in less than one year.

The Libya Observer was not able to verify this information from an independent source, but a private source close to Khalid Al-Mishri confirmed the latter's concern about the possibility of this step happening and the preparation for legal procedures to thwart it.