The head of the Presidential Council (PC), Mohammed Menfi, has confirmed to the European Union Ambassador to Libya, Jose Sabadell, that the PC stands at the same distance from all parties and institutions, stressing that achieving the national reconciliation is one of its priorities.

Menfi added that "we are facing a legal and constitutional problem and it must be addressed as soon as possible", saying that the PC thinks that the elections are the way out and the solution.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining what he described as the popular momentum to go to the parliamentary and presidential elections, in accordance with the Berlin Process and the Geneva Agreement.

Menfi called for the exit of all mercenaries out of Libya, stressing his rejection of any foreign interference of any kind, except for cooperation as partners.

Both sides also stressed that the migration file is a common file and that Libya is the gateway to Africa for the Europeans, and it is the gateway to Europe for the Africans.