The head of the Presidential Council (PC), Mohammed Menfi emphasized the relevance of holding the presidential and legislative elections on their scheduled date, saying, “Libya is presently facing genuine challenges in completing the political process, witnessing decisive and crucial stages with the approach of the election date, set for December 24.”

During his speech on behalf of Libya at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly currently taking place in New York, Menfi explained that: “Libya has the opportunity either for success towards democratic transition through the holding of free, fair, transparent and successful elections, to push the country forward to long lasting stability and prosperity, or a return to the unfortunate state of division and armed conflict.”

He continued by saying, “All of these issues highlight the necessity for genuine guarantees to achieve the success that Libyans aspire to reach, which is a democratic and civil state,” reiterating that “the problem of the expulsion of foreign forces and mercenaries remains a very real challenge for Libya today.”

Menfi announced a Libyan initiative to host an international conference throughout the month of October next to support the stability of Libya in participation with relevant national institutions and groups, along with international and regional partners.