The outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel stated on Friday that Germany will remain committed to support Libya, even when the government changes in Berlin.

She added, during a joint press conference in the capital Berlin, along with the head of the Presidential Council (PC), Mohammed Menfi: “I reassure you that in the forthcoming weeks and months also, even if we now have a transition from one government to another, the Libyan issue will remain a priority for Germany, to follow on in continuity.”

Merkel said that a diplomatic solution to the problems in Libya will in the long-term have an impact on building peace and stability in the country and the African continent in general.

Merkel reiterated the necessity for the withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries, as the future of Libya should be determined by Libyan forces and citizens, not foreign influence, saying that the political process and the withdrawal of mercenaries should be accompanied by reinforcing the economy, as the Libyan people deserve and need reasonable viable livelihoods.

For his part, Menfi pledged to continue working until finalizing this stage and reaching the elections scheduled for December 24, according to the outcomes of Geneva and Berlin II conference, adding that the PC intends to follow up on the initiatives put forward in the event of the legal and constitutional blockade continuing during this period, to hold parliamentary and presidential elections.