Meshashiya IDPs announce return to their districts after over 5 years of displacement

Meshashiya IDPs announce return to their districts after over 5 years of displacement

May 06, 2017 - 20:51
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Meshashiya displaced families, who were coerced into leaving their houses in districts like Oweyniya, Omer, and Zawiyat Al-Bagol, declared the beginning of their return to their houses after over 5 years of displacement.

In a statement issues by the IDPs of Meshashiya, they said they decided to peacefully return home after no solution was given to their crisis by neither local and international entities.

"We assure all our neighboring districts that we will not venture any harmful moves or actions against any civilians and will not stop any passersby on our districts' roads." The statement reads.

The Meshashiya displaced families called on the UN-proposed government and the House of Representatives as well as on the High Council of State to assume their responsibilities toward stabilizing and rebuilding their districts, calling on the elders and dignitaries of the Western Mountain to turn a new leaf and avoid the bloodshed in the region.

"We also call on the youth of the Western Mountain to be in favor of avoiding the bloodshed of Muslim fellows." The statement adds.

The Meshashiya residents of those areas were forced to leave in 2011 due to the tension with the neighboring Zintan tribesmen, who insisted that the Meshashiya residents are pro-Gaddafi and said they won't allow them back unless via a comprehensive national reconciliation agreement.

Meshashiya residents, however' insist that for some of their sons to be pro-Gaddafi is not the reason for their displacement, saying the reasons is the historic conflict between the two tribes that has been persisting for decades.