Social media activists have reacted angrily to some stickers that were sealed at a number of Tripoli areas to defame Libya's Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani.

The stickers showed a picture of Sheikh Sadiq with "no to Muslim Brotherhood" and "Enough Bloodshed" written on them.

Social media activists accused Dignity Operation supporters, who have find some freedom of expression after the arrival of UN-proposed government in Tripoli, of being behind the incident, which took place under cover of darkness.

Posts to defend the Mufti flooded social media on Monday with the hashtag "Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani represents me" went viral on Facebook.

Dignity Operation supporters accuse Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani of being a member of Muslim Brotherhood, which he has denied several times.

Actually, accusations of being a terrorist, an ISIS affiliate, Qaida affiliate or Muslim Brotherhood affiliate have become fashionable in the Dignity Operation camp to defame opponents.  

The Dignity Operation camp has also went further on this matter. Last year, notorious TV anchor Mohammed Imtallal accused US President Barack Obama of being a member of the international network of Muslim Brotherhood for not providing weapons to Dignity Operation as the Egyptians and the Emiratis did.

Dignity Operation's Air Force Commander Saqir Jaroushi has also said that head of UN-proposed Presidency Council Fayaz Sirraj would be branded terrorist if he refuses to stand by Khalifa Haftar's self-proclaimed army.

"In fact, Sheikh Sadiq is at odds with Muslim Brotherhood, he is against the UN-backed government, and Muslim Brotherhood members are strong supporters of this government and have influential members in the Presidency Council," comments one social media activist.

"Accusing Sheikh Sadiq of being a Muslim Brotherhood member is very strange and means the accuser does not differentiate between Sheikh Sadiq's Maliki doctrine and Muslim Brotherhood's party," journalist Essam Zubair reacted to the stickers.

Dignity Operation also accuses Sheikh Sadiq of inciting bloodshed for his frequent Fatwas to fight Khalifa Haftar's militias in Benghazi. Sheikh Sadiq's famous Fatwa to fight Wirshiffana kidnap gangs, who usually rob and kill passers-by, has also sparked fury within Dignity Operation and former Gaddafi regime supporters.

Meanwhile, Tripoli Elders' Council has deplored the smearing campaign on the Mufti, who is seen as a stumbling block to Dignity Operation's Khalifa Haftar's ambitions to rule Libya.

"It's a desperate attempt to defame one of the prominent icons of Libya's Fatwa House," the council said.