Security and military forces within formations of different convoys loyal to Prime Minister-designate Fathi Bashagha moved from Misrata and Zliten toward Tripoli via Tarhouna city but were faced by forces of Brigade 444 and forced to head to Garabulli area hoping to move ahead to Tajoura and then Mitiga airport in Tripoli to secure a planned flight touchdown of Bashagha.

The move, which raised fears of renewed armed clashes, was hindered by forces loyal to the Dbiebah-headed Government of National Unity. No clashes were reported as a group of Misrata and other cities’ figures arrived to deescalate the situation and managed to secure a promise the forces would return to their previous positions.

When the move was afoot, a convoy loyal to Bashagha heading to Tarhouna was split into two groups and one of them tried to enter south Tripoli via Wadi Rabea and Khallat Al-Furjan but Dbiebah-loyal forces blocked the road and the convoy couldn't make it.

Other brigades loyal to Bashagha's government moved from Wershiffana and Al-Zawiya to link up with the forces coming from Misrata, not to mention that within Al-Zawiya itself, a force loyal to Dbiebah’s government conducted a military parade but didn’t clash with the other forces loyal to Bashagha.

A number of brigades said they were ready to engage in a new conflict if Bashagha-loyal forces entered Tripoli by force. Bashagha said earlier this week that he would enter Tripoli by law not force.

Meanwhile, UNSMIL stressed  the importance of preserving calm and stability in the country and calling n all parties to refrain from any action that could lead to armed clashes and urges them to cooperate with the Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General on Libya in her ongoing good offices' efforts to find a negotiated way out of the current political stalemate.

UN Adviser Williams urged restraint and the need to abstain from provocative actions, in word and deed, including the mobilization of forces, renewing her offer to utilize the good offices of the United Nations to mediate and assist Libyans in finding a consensual way forward.